Analysis of accounting in 1C

Audit of accounting in 1C allows to minimize the following risks:
  • Incorrect accounting and calculation of important indicators, for example, profit in accounting and tax accounting, taxable base on VAT, tax on property and other taxes, cost of finished products.
  • Tax risks in the form of underpayment of income tax, incorrectly submitted regulated reports, which may lead to additional tax audits and penalties.
  • Transfer of unnecessary modifications to the new system, a highly customised system increases the time and financial costs of updating, makes it difficult to submit reports.
  • System complexity: loss of staff time on unnecessary operations in the accounting system, operational errors.
  • Labor intensity of manual operations and filling out reports, incorrect filling out of reports, tax risks in case of submission of reports with errors.
  • There are many duplicates in the system: it is not possible to collect information for reports, for example, receivables were formed in one duplicate, and accounts payable - in the second duplicate.
  • There are many duplicates in the system: there is a problem with the rest of nomenclature, the balance is listed on one nomenclature, they are trying to write off on another.
For whom
  • For medium and large companies that keep records in 1C systems or plan to switch between editions or between systems.
  • For companies that have heavily modified systems and functional customers are not confident in the correct operation of the settings. Updating always happens very hard, with the loss of part of the working functionality or data.
  • For companies that plan to roll up the database and switch from a customized (modified) system to the most typical one.
  • For companies with complex accounting areas in the part of VAT, income tax and other areas that want to conduct a technical audit of the correctness of accounting in the current system. 
What do we do
Analysis of accounting in 1C is:

  • Analysis of the Customer's business processes
  • Analysis of the reliability and usefulness of the use of the functionality of 1C systems
  • Detection of accounting errors
  • Recommendations for correcting deficiencies

Internal users are managers who need reliable information on the state of the organization. An analysis of accounting may be ordered, for example, if there are suspicions about the integrity of employees and inefficiency of the company's divisions.

Accounting analysis can also be ordered as an internal audit to prepare for external audit.
You receive a confidential report with a description of errors, possible causes and recommendations for correcting deficiencies.
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