Analysis of accounting in 1C

Audit of accounting in 1C allows to minimize the following risks:
  • Incorrect accounting and calculation of important indicators, for example, profit in accounting and tax accounting, taxable base on VAT, tax on property and other taxes, cost of finished products.
  • Tax risks in the form of underpayment of income tax, incorrectly submitted regulated reports, which may lead to additional tax audits and penalties.
  • Transfer of unnecessary modifications to the new system, a highly customised system increases the time and financial costs of updating, makes it difficult to submit reports.
  • System complexity: loss of staff time on unnecessary operations in the accounting system, operational errors.
  • Labor intensity of manual operations and filling out reports, incorrect filling out of reports, tax risks in case of submission of reports with errors.
  • There are many duplicates in the system: it is not possible to collect information for reports, for example, receivables were formed in one duplicate, and accounts payable - in the second duplicate.
  • There are many duplicates in the system: there is a problem with the rest of nomenclature, the balance is listed on one nomenclature, they are trying to write off on another.
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