Corporate support
The basis of the work is the following: after the completion of the project on the implementation of the corporate system, you enter into a support contract with us. You are assigned a team of specialists of various competencies, namely:
  • Coordination of work, supervision of the whole team;
  • providing the client with monthly reporting on the work performed;
  • resolving disputes;
  • training of personnel;
  • control over the process of development of corporate information system;
  • informing the customer about the release of new solutions.
  • advice on operational, accounting and tax accounting;
  • advice on management accounting, budgeting, IFRS, CRM;
  • advice on issues related to the specifics of your company;
  • verification of the correctness and completeness of the information entered by the user into the database in the course of its operation;
  • in cases of incorrect or incomplete information - advising the user on the elimination of identified deficiencies;
  • development of user instructions;
  • training of users in workplaces, classrooms, remotely or using webinar technology;
  • in case of problems in the operation of the database by the user, the contractor, at the request of the user, searches for and identifies the sources of problems, advises the user on their elimination;
  • providing written guidance to users by the contractor on how to avoid future problems identified by statistics in the process of operating the software product.
  • changing the existing and creating new CIS functionality;
  • updating standard and modified CIS;
  • CIS testing; data transfer assistance;
  • carrying out routine maintenance recommended by «1C» company: testing and correcting errors in the 1C software product;
  • provision of database administration services;
  • development of new algorithms of work and modification of existing ones in Software Product 1C;
  • testing of algorithms created and modified by the performer on the basis of compiled and agreed with the customer test cases.
Advantages of corporate support

Stable business operating

Timeliness of updates, making the necessary changes, prompt advice and training of employees minimize errors and eliminate system failures

System integrity maintaining

The complex work of the support team ensures the maximum and correct use of the system’s capabilities, the deliberate introduction of changes.

Managed system development

Monthly reports allow the customer to control the operation of the enterprise in the system and plan its development in accordance with business needs.

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