Turnkey automation of management accounting
The introduction of corporate information systems based on 1C provides an excellent opportunity to make quick, clear, balanced and reasonable management decisions at all levels.

The results of the implementation are improvements in work, simplicity and ease of performing routine tasks, increased productivity, additional capabilities of analytical reports.

The need for a corporate information system can be met in two ways: by introducing a model software product or by creating and implementing an unique information system.
Features of the implementation of the model system:

  • business processes of the enterprise are structured under a model software product;
  • the system is updated in a standard way, which reduces the cost of system ownership;
  • the cost of implementation is lower in comparison with a non-model system.

Features of the implementation of non-standard system:

  • a model software product is modified for the business processes of the enterprise to the extent necessary; 
  • the system is updated by transferring the settings made in it to new editions released by the manufacturer;
  • as a result of implementation, a customer receives an unique system that becomes a competitive advantage of the company in the market.
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