Turnkey automation of regulated accounting
One of the most common automation units is accounting and tax accounting, which can be supplemented by personnel accounting and payroll.

Working with the same laws and documents, different enterprises may have completely different specifics of accounting and tax accounting.

The specialists of CN help to set up accounting and tax accounting, based on the specifics of the customer. In the process of implementation, specialists analyze accounting policy, business processes, legislation on specifics of accounting, which allows to propose the best solution for accounting with minimal modifications to the automated system used.

After the setting up of the accounting system, our consultants will propose mechanisms for convenient analysis of accounting and tax accounting to the management of the company, which will allow timely management decisions to be made.

Analyzing the current financial situation of the enterprise and its prospects, analysts and consultants will also propose options for cost accounting, relying on legislative acts and regulations, which in some cases will reduce the costs of the enterprise.
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