Consulting in our understanding is answers to questions that allow minimizing risks in the work of our customers, optimizing their business processes and, ultimately, achieving their goals more effectively.

The need to audit business processes arises before automation, between automation stages or several years after the launch of the corporate information system.

  • Maintaining the system costs too much. Are these costs justified?
  • Is the transfer of data from other systems correct?
  • Are the planned improvements to the system optimal?
  • Why does automatic filing of the regulated reports not work correctly and we have to collect it manually?
  • Are important business processes missing from the pre-project survey?
  • Will the new information system cope with our workload?
  • Why do reports show profits, but there is no money?
  • Can we afford to invest in a new project or a new direction?
  • Where does the money go? Why do we spend so much?

Identifying questions and finding answers to them is a task that our specialists successfully cope with, based on the experience of solving business tasks in the field of budgeting, regulated and operational accounting in system 1C, technical analysis of systems operation, expertise of project documentation and others.

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